My Kitties

Updated - April 14, 1998

These are my two still somewhat new kitties.  One is male and one is female, and they are both Tonkinese.  The male is a Platinum Pointed and the female is a Platinum Mink.

I must say I am pleased with the quality of the pictures that the Kodak DC210 digital camera takes.

The original pictures and my last batch have been archived, but here are the latest of my kitties... (can you tell that I am getting a little better at this web graphic layout thing?)

Note that these are "thumbnails" (as it's called in this imaging business).  If you click on them you will get a bigger version.  Some of them will have a caption if you leave the mouse over the picture for a second or two.

Holy closeup batman (the image is huge!)Ready to pounce -- on Baby no doubtSnoozing (oh to be a cat)Where'd she learn that?!And him too?Playing with one of their favorite toysBuddy and the favorite toy

Hope you enjoyed the latest updates of my babies.  Come back soon, I'll have some new ones.