My Kitties

Updated - April 07, 1998

I have finally named them.  It is rather strange how their names came to be, however.  I had to make a trip back to my mom's house in February '98.  So I left my kitties in the care of my dear friends Dave and Darby for two weeks.  During a couple of my "checkup" phone calls to find out how they were doing, Darby had mentioned that she was calling the male Buddy and the female Baby.  The scary part is that these were the two "pet" names I had for them before I left.  I figured it could only be fate.  So let me introduce you to Buddy (the male) and Baby (the female).

This one was hard to get, while Baby will "pose" for pictures, Buddy has to come running to see what I'm holding on to.I'm ready, come on.