I hope you can forgive me for the quality of the pictures.  They were taken with a Connectix Color Cam camera.  This is not a bad camera, but just difficult to focus and take still shots with.  The lighting was not very even either.

Hint:  If you put your mouse pointer over the picture, you should see a brief caption about the picture.

First some pictures of the male.  He is the Platinum Pointed.

The male sniffing a shoe lace The male poking at a shoelaceThe male just waiting for some actionThe male poking at a teaser

 Now for some of the female.  She is the Platinum Mink.

The female up on my shoulder.  She likes to be close.Sitting up on my lap.  Her favorite place.What's that?In her favorite place, getting all the attention.

 Brother and Sister together.

Just relaxing.Finally, some rest.Enough with the pictures already.

Those were just quickie-shots.  Well, this is just a quickie-web page.  I hope to get some better quality pictures soon.